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Our Factory

We make our own paints at our manufacturing facility in Bogota, Colombia, not too far from America!

Our Paint ball maunfacturer (manufacturing facility) makes special emphasis on “ Slip in the air technology”, a one of a kind method that permits making round paints that fly easily, fast, and accurately through the air for perfect aim.

Our gelatin is top quality for that perfect splat, that doesn’t need a high impact for exploding. Density is being measured many times throughout production to obtain the perfect point, thus never having hiccups with your marker.

The fill (for the painball ) is made with high grade non-staining, washable inks that are not just high quality, but earth-friendly too!

The manufacturing facility is state of the art, with spic-and-span clean surfaces throughout the production line, to ensure no contaminants ever enter your paints. This creates pure joy for us and our players, in other words you: the final user of our brands!